About GSB
Geological Society of Brunei (GSB) is a non-governmental association (NGO) and was officially registered with Brunei’s government Registrar of Society (RoS) in 2003. The Society was re-activated last year leading to an AGM in November 2012. GSB is looking to provide members with the opportunity to further network, interact and given access to valuable educational materials in the form of field trips, sharing through workshops/conferences and short training.
Our Vision and Mission
GSB now carries a vision to become “The primary organization representing the Geosciences community in Brunei Darussalam in its support of the national aspiration of the Wawasan 2035” with a mission statement to “Promote the field of Geosciences in Brunei Darussalam by educating the public through learning activities”.
  • 1.1 2013 – 2014: A recognition phase
  • 1.2 2017: Self-sufficiency
  • 1.3 2020+: Achieve Vision Targets
Welcome to The Geological Society of Brunei Darussalam

Many thanks for visiting. Please continue to explore the website and we hope it will be mutually beneficial for you to learn about us as a budding geological Society; on what we are trying to achieve and at the same time acquire a general knowledge on the Geology of Brunei Darussalam.


It is the intention of the Society to promote an appreciation and wider understanding on Geosciences in Brunei Darussalam. Specifically in the context of the role and the significance the discipline contributes to the national development (in particular through the Oil & Gas industry) and in meeting the Country’s aspiration as laid out in Wawasan 2035 (Vision 2035).


It is becoming even more relevant now that the Geosciences community in Brunei Darussalam is growing. There is a steady feed of young energetic graduates now joining the workforce following re-establishment of The Petroleum Geosciences department at the University Brunei Darussalam (UBD) complimenting those who graduated from abroad. With a striving Oil & Gas industry, the Country also attracted many skilled and experienced Geoscientists from abroad. It is an opportunity to be realized by many to network, learn from each other and benefit, for one’s continuous professional development and growth.


The Society is facilitating by providing the avenue and platform to nurture this at the national level. All, hopefully, will in turn contribute to further advancement on the field of Geosciences, professional development and growth, and ultimately benefiting the Country.


So please continue to read on and participate in activities that will benefit you. We hope you will support us in our continuing journey to realize our Vision and Mission statements.


GSB President

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